My Life: The Second - Hooray for Fun!

Right the plateau is sorted let’s get supplies sorted. I need trees for wood. Luckily I have some saplings.

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My Life: The Second - The Journey

Let’s pick a direction. West, that’s as good a direction as any.

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Update - 14th August 2010

So I started a new map and I installed IntenseDebate for comments. Love the thing as it works wonders. Enjoy all.

My Life: The Second - A Whole New World

I sense life once more. Yes. YES INDEED! I HAVE RETURNED! BRIAN THE MOUNTAIN LORD! Let’s see where in the ‘verse we are.

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Quick Update

So I lost my old save, computer crash. =[ I’ll start up a new map soon, same rules and I’ll even add a grave marker now for the old lad.

My Life: The Firste - Strike The Earth

I have the location of my site. A small peninsula in a calm corner of the world a good 10 minutes walk from the spawn. Let’s Strike the Earth.

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My Life: The Firste - A Humble Beginning

Aaah breath the fresh air, for I Piran Tommy have arrived in minecraft. Let’s see where the universe has left us.

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My Life - Rules and Stuff


For my My Life game I’ll be adhering to certain rules. They are as follows.

  1. Hard Mode (One Exception; see long-term goals 1)
  2. Wander about before choosing sites. No sites on the spawn, no hints at the spawn(see long-term goals 1) and no looking at previous posts to find my old outposts.
  3. All actions will be made for a role-played reason. No deciding to dig straight down ‘till I hit lava for no reason other than to find lava and the like.
  4. From now on no more looking at the minecraft wiki for help. Any news on secret updates will be kept secret until I find it for myself.

These are subject to change and to be added to. I’m sure they will be if someone can give me other rules that make sense and make it more fun.


Here is the database for my lives. The brackets indicate statistics.

  1. My First Life - The Start (Piran Tommy: 5th July 2010 - 10th August 2010, Death by Computer Crash)
  2. My Second Life - The Start (Brian the Mountain Lord: 14th August 2010 - ????)


I’m planning on having some long-term goals as well. I’ll list them below when they crop up through posts.

  1. Graveyard at the spawn. When I die I’ll create a sign with my then-characters name and date, time and cause of death. I will not move on until I have mourned. To be able to adequitely mourn I’ll set it to peaceful to allow me to build the graveyard in peace, then set it back to hard to then continue.